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[sickchirpse] 28 Rare And Dramatic Photos From History

28 Rare And Dramatic Photos From History

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Here are a series of rare photographs depicting fascinating scenes and figures from years gone by, from the Bin Laden family outing to Sweden to the moment George Bush was told about 9/11.
They might just change up your entire perspective on history. Check them out:

The original Hollywood sign, 1923:

original hollywood sign in 1923

Beatles pre-fame:

beatles pre fame
beatles, 1957

Che Guevara And Fidel Castro:

che guevara fidel castro

The Bin Laden Fam In Sweden:

bin laden sweden

Bonnie & Clyde in 1933:

bonnie clyde 1933

Brasilia being built in Brazil:

brasilia being built brasil

George Bush is told about 9/11:

bush 9:11

Charlie Chaplin with Mahatma Gandhi:

chaplin mahatma gandhi

Christ Redeemer being built in Rio:

christ in rio

Einstein and his crew of scientists:

einstein and scientists

Elvis in the army:

elvis soldier army

Celebrations of the end of World War II, Moscow, Red Square:

end of WWII moscow red square, 1945

Eniac – Computer constructed in years 1943 – 45:

eniac - computer constructed in years 1943-45 USA

Evolution of Coca Cola 1899 – 1986:

evolution of coke, 1899 - 1986

One of the first ever McDonald’s restaurants:

first mcdonalds

The first Google team, 1999:

google team 1999

Ernest Hemingway boxing in Africa:

hemingway boxing in africa

Japanese bomb hits deck of USS Enterprise in 1942, killing this photographer:

japanese bomb hits deck of uss enterprise, 1942

A KKK member being treated at an Alabama hospital:

kkk members alabama hospital

John Lennon walks by his killer on the day he is murdered:


Lincoln conspirator execution, 1865:

lincoln conspirator execution 1865

Malcolm X tries to calm down Muhammad Ali, 1964:

malcolm x muhammad ali 1964

Man destroying the Berlin Wall:

man destroying berlin wall

Pope Pius XI meets Adolf Hitler:

pope pius xi meets hitler

Terrible racial segregation:

racial segregation

The Titanic, 1912:

titanic 1912

Woman hits skinhead, Sweden 1985:

woman hits skinhead, sween 1985

[buzzfeed] The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2013

The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2013

Warning: This post will make you feel emotions.posted on 
A couple pauses between salvaging through the remains of a family member’s home one day after a tornado devastated the town of Moore, Oklahoma.
AP Photos/Discovery Channel, Tiffany Brown
Aerialist Nik Wallenda walks a 2-inch-thick, quarter mile long steel cable over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona in June.
Christophe Simon / AFP / Getty Images
A demonstrator is shot by rubber bullets as riot police charge after clashes erupted during a protest against corruption and price hikes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA / Landov
Michael Knaapen and John Becker, who married seven years ago in Toronto, Canada, react to the news that the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
Nacho Doce / Reuters
A man dressed as Superman smiles at patient Joao Bertola, 2, and his father at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Tim Holmes / AP
Tammy Holmes and her grandchildren take refuge under a jetty as a wildfire rages in the Australian town of Dunalley.
AP Photo/Wason Wanichakorn, File
An anti-government protester gives a rose to a Thai soldier at the Defense Ministry during a rally in Bangkok.
Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP
Thania Sayne leans on the headstone marking the grave of her husband, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011, at Arlington National Cemetery.
Tó Mané / Barcroft Media / Landov
Garrett McNamara attempts to break the Guinness World Record for largest wave ever surfed on in Nazare, Portugal.
Reuters/Romeo Ranoco
A boy carries his dog through floodwaters brought by the monsoon rain in Manila, Philippines.
Michael Sohn / AP
Catholics take photos with their phones and tablets of the newly-elected Pope Francis as he speaks from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.
Samantha Sais /The New York Times / Redux Pictures
Renata Teodoro, 25, right, holds hands with her mother, Gorete Borges Teodoro, who was deported six years ago from the U.S., through the bars of a border fence in Nogales, Ariz.
Mohammed Abdel Moneim / AFP / Getty Images
A woman tries to stop a military bulldozer from hurting a wounded person after clashes between security forces and opposition groups that left hundreds dead in Cairo.
Sanjay Kanojia / AFP / Getty Images
An Indian youth dangles from a power line before diving into the floodwaters of an overflowing Ganges river in Allahabad in August.
Mohammad Sajjad / AP
A Pakistani man carrying a child rushes away from the site of a car bombing in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan.
Fred Dufour / AFP / Getty Images
A man kicks a topless activist of the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen as she raises her fist to protest against Islamists in front of the Great Mosque of Paris
STR / AFP / Getty Images
A young man jumps from the Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, China, into the river following another person who committed suicide minutes earlier.
John Kolesidis / Reuters
A man rescues a woman from her car on a flooded road in the Athens suburb of Chalandri in February.
Superbonnie via Reddt / Via reddit.com
A boy looks into the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., which was temporarily closed due to the government shutdown.
Wong Maye-E, File / AP Photo
A woman sits prayerfully while her head is shaved to mourn the late Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk ahead of his funeral in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Parwiz / Reuters
Afghan boys play with toy guns on the first day of Eid al-Adha in October.
Hasan Jamali / AP
A Bahraini anti-government protester is engulfed in flames after a shot fired by riot police hit the gasoline bomb in his hand that he was preparing to throw.
John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe / AP
Bill Iffrig, 78, lies on the ground as police officers react to a second explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
Luke Macgregor / Reuters
Runners observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings before the start of the London Marathon in Greenwich, southeast London.
China Stringer Network / Reuters
Visitors watch water gushing from a section of the Xiaolangdi Reservoir on China’s Yellow River during a July 6 operation to remove built-up silt.
Noah Berger / AP
Sue Rochman, left, and Robin Romdalvik hug their son Maddox Rochman-Romdalvik, 8, at San Francisco’s City Hall, after the Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California.
Jonathan Palmer / Herald-Leader
Figo, a Kentucky police dog, pays his last respects to his human partner, Officer Jason Ellis, who was killed in an ambush five days earlier.
Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images
Survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which left 1.9 million homeless, take part in a religious procession in Tolosa on the eastern Philippine island of Leyte.
Dmitry Lovetsky, File / AP Photo
Riot police guard gay rights activists who have been beaten by anti-gay protesters during an authorized gay rights rally in St.Petersburg, Russia.
AP Photo
Rescuers pull out a female survivor, Reshma, alive 16 days after a garment factory building collapsed in Bangladesh.
Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel / AP Photo
George Zimmerman winks at his lawyer at the start of his trial in Seminole Circuit Court.
Jason Lee / Reuters
A boy holds his mother’s leg as he cries in front of their damaged house after a strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake at Longmen village, Lushan county in Ya’an, Sichuan province.
Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP
Capt. Michael Potoczniak marries his partner Todd Saunders, in a ceremony in San Francisco on June 29.
Osman Orsal / Reuters
A Turkish riot policeman uses tear gas against a woman as people protest against the destruction of trees in a park brought about by a pedestrian project, in Taksim Square in central Istanbul.
Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports
An Air Force sergeant surprises his wife and daughter during the second quarter of a game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers.
Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters
A couple runs near riot police gathered at the Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia, Brazil, on Sept. 7 before the international friendly soccer match between Brazil and Australia.
Evan Vucci / AP Photo
President Obama looks out the “Door of No Return” on Goree Island off the Senegalese coast, which was the last stop for millions of slaves sent to the New World.
Goran Tomasevic / Reuters
Women carrying children run for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya that left 67 dead.
Rescue workers carry a child who was rescued from the rubble at the site of a collapsed residential building in Mumbai, India, in September.
Claudio Peri / EPA / Landov
Pope Francis blesses and prays with a severely disfigured man.
Roni Bintang / Reuters
An Indonesian child watches as ash spews out of Mt. Sinabung.
Erik De Castro / Reuters
Newly-born Bea Joy sleeps as her mother recuperates in a makeshift birthing clinic at the airport in typhoon-devastated Tacloban. Ortega was in an evacuation center when the storm hit and had to swim and cling to a post to survive.
Jerard Julien / Reuters
The first same-sex couple to be married in France kiss on the balcony in front of the crowd after their marriage at the city hall in Montpellier.
Jae C. Hong / AP Photo
Inmate firefighters prepare to battle the Rim Fire near Yosemite National Park, Calif., in August.
Make-A-Wish Bay Area / sf.wish.org / Via Twitter: @SFWish
Miles, a five-year-old battling leukemia, is dressed as “Batkid” as part of a day arranged by the Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Francisco on Nov. 15.